One of the common problems with the speakers is muffled sound and this is mostly because of defective tweeters.

Some of the possible reasons a tweeter can fail is overload (excessive power), faulty crossover block,

or the coil being obstructed of moving freely in the magnetic gap as a result of sticky- dried out cooling liquid, or metal oxide built up in the magnetic gap. 

Depending on the damage, the tweeter dome/diaphragm can be repaired or replaced.

It is recommended to check/test the crossover blocks as well to avoid further damages to newly repaired tweeters.


-Tweeter Repairs
-Diaphragm Replacement
-check and clean magnetic gap
-ferrofluid replace
-check and test crossover blocks


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We also do service calls to inspect/assess faults to speakers and audio systems. We will collect faulty speakers when the repair cannot be done onsite. 
We deliver the speakers once repaired and install and test the speakers to client's place. 


Avoid the hassle of packing and the risk of damage in transit using the couriers.

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Service Call, Pick Up/Delivery available in these areas:

 Auckland, Waikato, BOP, Taupo and Central North Island

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