Like any organisation, we are always happy to hear appreciations about our service.
Here are some comments from our clients

Thanks for the great recone job on my 2 way AER 120w speaker. It has been reborn for a modest investment and sounds like new. Thanks for a fantastic job.
Marius topped off with fantastic customer service.

Hope above is ok.
Cheers, Brian C


1975 Wharfedale Glendale 3XP Speaker REBUILD

A quick note to say thanks for a fantastic job youve made in taking my old school speakers and giving life to them.
Importing new cones to rebuild the base and taking the mid range speakers cleaning them, checking the cross over stuff.
I plugged this 46 year old technology in and was back in my hay days.
They just sound just suprisingly nice.
Thankyou so much for a great job, picking up and delivery.
Im waiting to have my old LPs back to really enjoy these lovely old speakers.
Thanks again,
Bruce James
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I was so pleased to find that my beloved, much travelled 20year old JBLs could be repaired. The rubber surround had completely perished. Shipped them off to Marius and after a while, and at what I think is a very reasonable price, back they came: PERFECT! I don’t think they’ve ever sounded better. Excellent service. Great communications. A big shout out to Marius of Big Sound!
Warwick Thomson
KEF 104aB Speakers
I bought a pair of 30 year old Kef 104aB speakers off trade me a few years ago and they were (then) intended for the garage sound system for when I was washing the car. They weren’t in the best condition when I bought them, however after a few years of being in a cold, damp environment they had deteriorated to be in a pretty bad state. Recently I decided these speakers needed a rebirth and then get promoted inside to be part of the home theatre system. So I made contact with Big Sound. They came around to do an assessment and took them away to repair the driver rubbers, replace the voice coils and repair the damaged speaker cabinets. After a couple of weeks they came back looking like a brand new set just out of the box. They looked and sounded excellent. If you have some quality hi fi gear that has seen better days, resist the urge to put it down to the inorganic collection an instead contact the guys at Big Sound and bring them back to life. You’ll be glad you did it. 
Phill Sharp
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