One of the most common problems with the speakers is distorted and rattling sound caused by damaged/perished edge rings.


Unfortunately, some materials and glues used in manufacturing these devices use to deteriorate in time. Whether they are used every day or just sitting and collecting dust in the lounge, they still get deteriorated over time.

The flexible rings, called surrounds, are usually made of foam or rubber and over the years, they lose the elasticity and will break, leaving the cone with less and weak suspension as they start to perish. This is not only affecting the quality of sound, but can lead to further damage to speaker if still using the speakers this way.

These surrounds can be replaced, this is what we do at Big Sound, and once repaired, the speakers will look and sound great again.


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We also do service calls to inspect/assess faults to speakers and audio systems. We will collect faulty speakers when the repair cannot be done onsite.
We deliver the speakers once repaired and install and test the speakers to client's place. 


Avoid the hassle of packing and the risk of damage in transit using the couriers.

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Auckland, Waikato, BOP, Taupo and Central North Island

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